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"But it was not that madness didn't threaten. It was not that weariness did not sometimes overwhelm. It was not that grief did not embitter me, or that mysteries did not confuse me, or that I did not know pain.

"It was that I had the records of my family to safeguard; I had my own progeny to look after, and to guide in the world. And so even in the darkest times, when all human existence seemed monstrous to me and unbearable, and the changes of the world beyond comprehension, I turned to the family as if it were the very spring of life itself.

"And the family taught me the rhythms and passions of each new age; the family took me into alien lands where perhaps I would never have ventured alone; the family took me into realms of art which might have intimidated me; the family was my guide through time and space. My teacher, my book of life. The family was all things."

-Maharet, Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

kewlgoop.com is a gigantic archive of anything and everything that I and mine have ever done, ever been. This is intended to be the record of our existence in this world, the mark that we were here, and we felt these things, and we did these things...kind of like an electronic time capsule. I felt this was important, after Jake's passing, and after much of the group had parted ways. This is the history of where we came from...and hopefully a clue as to where we're going. May others find their way here and learn about our lives.

Admittedly though, this is relatively limited. We're rather scattered now, and many of us are keeping their own sites or showcasing their own talents elsewhere, like Ronni's blackunicorn.org and its many links to blogs and art communities and the like. Beth was keeping busy with Eva After. I think the rest of us, the others from Ronni's class, Karla, Heather, have mostly been doing the RL thing.

And then there's me...aside from the updates I hope to make to my personal archive, I'll just say this. With regards to the old group it always seemed like each person had a place, a designated job, based on their strongest talents. Ronni was the Artist, Beth was the Writer...since it seemed I would never choose one specific career path, it felt like I was floating around without a function. Then I thought back to my roots, my soul, and in trying to keep track of everyone, and in forming this site, I have realized my place.
I am the Historian. I am the Storyteller.

And I'll be damned if that didn't *totally* sound like a Drizzt essay '=)

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